Review: Palty Hair Dye - Milk Tea Brown

by - October 14, 2014

Name: Palty Hair Dye
Colour: Milk Tea Brown
Price: £12

 I wanted a change with my hair colour so I decided to get the Palty Hair Dye. I have used the Palty Bubble Hair dye before. I liked the colour that it turned out to be but there was so little in the product that it was best to use two boxes instead of one. This time I bought the regular Palty Hair Dye in Milk Tea Brown. Palty has more ranges of light colours to choose from compared to Liese.

 My hair is brown (the second picture on the box) so my hair should turn out to be a lighter brown.

The box comes with the usual hair dye where you empty container 1 into container 2. This product comes with a brushfor easy application. There is also a cream to put after you wash and dry your hair to make your hair softer. I don't think the comb really helped that much. You had to really squeeze the dye out to apply it to your hair. You are suppose to leave this product on for 20 minutes but I think I left it on a bit longer so the colour will show better. One box was not enough for my hair. I needed two boxes.

Before (I dyed my hair colour with Liese Milk Tea Brown in June):


 The colour is actually quite similar to the box from the photo. However, in real life it is not as light as that especially in dim lighting. I was annoyed as I felt some part of my hair was not dyed properly and there were some patches that was a bit dark and some light. I think if I had two boxes, it would have been perfect.

- the colour really showed
- my hair felt really soft after using it
- it doesn't smell too bad
- one box was not enough
- difficult to apply to hair with the comb
- a bit pricey
 Rating: 8/10
I am very happy with the hair colour that came out. What I am annoyed about generally with hair dye is when I dye it but it doesn't look like I have dyed my hair but with this one, the colours really showed. However, I was disappointed that one box was not enough to cover my hair and I felt there was certain parts of my hair not dyed properly. My hair smelt nice and it felt soft and shiny after dying it.

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