Confession of a Beautiholic

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Name: Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil
Description: Mild & thorough cleansing for clear & bright skin
Skin Types: All
Size: 250ml
Price: £22
Where to buy: Online on ebay

Okay, so I didn't really need a cleanser but for some reason I felt like getting a cleansing oil. I also saw this video:

So yeah this video made me buy this cleansing product because I want to get skin like Song Hye Kyo (basically I got conned by this video to buy this product.)
I got this product from ebay and it is brand new.

This is part of the cleansing line.
1. Pump the product 2 times on dry palm and massage on dry face for 30 seconds. Thoroughly massage the side of the nose in small circles, where makeup remnant tend to remain.
2. Gently wet the hand with lukewarm water and massage the face for another 30 seconds.
3. Wash face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

- This light cleansing oil has none of the oil products stuffy finish; it contains apricot seed oil that takes care of dead skin cells, creating a brightening effect. grapefruit and apricot seed are oils full of vitamin C which removes dead skin cells, restoring your original, pure skin while alleviating skin reddening. wash-off elements that are water-friendlier ensure quick, light wash.
- Gypsophila paniculata root extract, a natural cleanser, mildly yet thoroughly washes off even the heaviest makeup. Free of mineral oil that blocks your pores - a non-stimulating cleansing experience.

- face feels really soft and clean after using this cleanser
- it is not harsh on the skin and I like how it is an oil format since it cleans off the face make-up well.

- Does not get rid of waterproof make-up
- Might make your face break-out at the start

Rating 7/10
The reason why I gave this a 7 out of 10 is because I felt my skin was breaking out at the start of using the product. Maybe because it was a new product and my skin isn't use to it so I had to stop it for a day and use Freederm but then I went back to this product again and I think my face got use to it. My skin has to adjust to new products sometimes. I decided to try this cleanser even though Freederm was very good but I felt freederm didn't make my face glow. This cleansing oil gave my skin a healthy glow after using it. There is also a nice lemon, "Laneige" scent to the product. This product is like Shu Uemura cleansing oil but cheaper. It is suppose to remove all your make-up but I feel it doesn't work on the waterproof eye make-up. I recommend this product for people who wants to try cleansing oil and want to get healthy and brighter skin.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Name: Maybelline Eyestudio Master Duo Thin or Thick Glossy Liquid Eyeliner
Description: Ultra-gloss finish. 24Hr wear. Waterproof
Price: £5.29
Color: Black Lacquer
Where to buy: Boots/Superdrug

So I am trying to find a long lasting eyeliner that will not smudge and will last all day and I think I have finally found it! This liquid eyeliner brush is shaped differently to other liquid eyeliner, as you can see. It depends on which side you turn that makes the brush look thin or thick.

You can create different looks to your eyes. You can make your eyes look natural looking with the thin eyeliner or thicker and bolder with the thick brush/applicator.

What I like about this eyeliner is that it is waterproof/smudge proof. I can wear it all day and the eyeliner is still on my eyelid and it does not make me have the panda eye look at all. I also like how you can create different looks to your eyes.

It is hard to apply the eyeliner at first because the brush was designed in a unique way to create two shapes that you had to hold the brush in a certain angle. There is also very little in the container so I have already finished my first eyeliner within 1/2 months (I guess it's because I use it every single day.)

Rating: 9.5/10
I love this product, even though there are some disadvantages, because I have been searching for ages for a waterproof and long lasting liquid eyeliner and I think this is the one.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Name: Benefit they're real mascara
Price: £19.50

"They're real! is the UK's No.1 best-selling mascara!
They're real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!
What else you need to know:
  • 94% saw dramatic length & volume
  • 90% saw base-to-tip curl
  • 94% saw visible lift* 100% saw long-wearing results
  • 100% saw long-wearing results
                                      Before:                                                     After:

 I have been trying to find a waterproof mascara that doesn't give me panda eyes after hours and I think I have finally found the product! I didn't care about the price any more for a mascara. I have been through so many drugstore mascara but none of them lasted on my oily eyelashes and they made me have panda looking eyes at the end of the day. 

This product didn't really lift my eyelashes but it did make them look longer and fuller and it also lasted all day. It did not smudge and I did not have panda eyes at the end of the day. This looks like I have like fake eyelashes on as well. 

The wand is very good as well. It is made of rubber and I like how there is spike on the tip of the brush as well.

Ratings 9.5/10

I don't think I will get another mascara other then this one unless I find one as good as this but cheaper to purchase. This mascara does exactly what it says on the description. It is lasts all day and it does not smudge either. The only bad thing I have to say is that it doesn't really lift the eyelashes up but aside from that I recommend anyone who is fed up of mascara smudging to try this product.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Name: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream
Description: SPF 30 hydrating colour corrector
Next-generation perfecting formula delivers colour-correction, hydration and UVA/UVB protection for a more flawless look today and tomorrow - all with a refreshingly lightweight feel. Special optics help correct dullness, sallowness and other concerns to enhance skin's radiance. In shades that provide natural-looking coverage. Wears comfortably alone or under foundation.
Price: £28
Skin Type: All Types - Light Medium

This is the first CC Cream I have bought. After BB Cream, CC Cream became the "next thing". I didn't really know what the difference is between BB and CC Cream until I realize that CC stands for Color Corrector. 

I feel that CC Cream is exactly the same as BB Cream in terms of its purpose. They are both like tinted moisturizer but thicker, has high SPF and is a blemish/anti-aging product. The texture is like CC Cream as well since it is not in liquid form and it is not runny.

What I like about the CC Cream compared to BB Cream is that it does not make my face look white but it actually matches my skin tone. I feel that even when I put on BB Cream for medium skin color, my face still looks quite white but CC Cream blends into my skin color (I guess that is the change or improvement they have made to the BB Cream). It does not feel heavy on my skin and you only need a little to cover your face. CC Cream also gives a glowy skin look however it makes my face look shiny so I prefer BB Cream in that sense.

Ratings: 7/10
This CC Cream doesn't really have a nice scent. I think this is for people who doesn't really like putting on heavy make-up but likes to cover their blemishes. Even though BB Cream makes my face whiter I still prefer it to the CC Cream. I feel that the BB Cream helps my blemish more. I think the reason why this CC Cream is created is because of BB Cream's popularity. I'm sure they are going to make more like DD Cream or EE Cream soon. I think I will try a less expensive CC Cream since I don't think CC Cream needs to be as expensive as £28. What was I thinking?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Name: Maybelline Superstay 14Hr Lipstick
Type:  Infinitely Fuchsia 160
Price: £6.99

Hey guys,
I've been really busy recently so I haven't gone round to updating this blog. I thought I would be able to update it more regularly after uni but now I am working full-time plus I think I kind of understand the phrase that when you work hard you play hard cause I have been doing more other stuff as well.
Anyway, this is another colour I bought from the Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick line. I did a more thorough review on it (Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick - Non-stop Red)  so yeah this is just showing the colour of the lipstick with and without flash. I actually really like this colour in real life. You can put this one with no other make-up and it wakens your face up.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Name: Maybelline Superstay 14Hr Lipstick
Type: Non-stop Red 510
Price: £6.99
Description: MEET THE 14HR LIPSTICK THAT WON'T WEIGH YOU DOWN. NO FADING. NO DRAGGING. NO LETDOWNS. Super rich colour and super staying power with our exclusive weightless formula!
 I wanted a red lipstick but not to dark red so I went for this red/pink lipstick. I got this in superdrug since it was buy one get one half price.


After 9 hours:  

- Long lasting 
- Decent price
- Nice scent
- many colours to choose from
- gives a glossy shiny finish to the lips

- The colour isn't as strong at the start

My thoughts:
 I have got to say that I am really impressed with this lipstick! I don't really like Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick since it gets really dry and it smells disgusting. I like the popstick but it doesn't have much colour and it isn't long lasting but this lipstick is perfect. It is long lasting although the colour isn't as strong at the start but you can still see the stain. The lipstick also smells really nice as well. It smells of like sweets or cherry and it also doesn't feel dry on my lip (but it isn't moisturing lipstick). I was eating and drinking and the colour still stayed on my lips. The photo doesn't really do the lipstick justice since you probably can't see the colour (and gosh I look white in the before photos) but the colour is very nice and you can see the glossy finish to it.

Rating: 10/10 - I am definitely going to buy this lipstick again.

Monday, 10 June 2013

My face has been breaking out lately. I don't know if it's because I am stress or what it is that is making me breakout. I know it is not the make-up since I haven't been wearing make-up for a month and I don't put foundation or bb cream when I do put on make-up. It's probably because I haven't been continuously doing my cleansing routine as well. I have started to pick it up again by cleansing my face twice a day. I have also started eating healthy as well. I think I will do a 3 weeks challenge and post my results on the 30 June to see if there is any difference.

I will do a before and after picture when my challenge is completed.

The products that I will try and use are mainly freederm:

- Freederm Facial Cleanser
- Oxy on the Spot
- Laneige Pore Trouble Toner
- Freederm Oil-free Perfecting Moisturiser
- Freederm Overnight Clearing Serum
- Freederm Exfoliating daily wash (weekly)
- Eygptician Healing Clay (fortnight)

I hope I don't get lazy and give up on this.

Kreamiblush x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Product Name: Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer
Type: #3 Transparent
Price: £9 - £10
Size: 24g
Where to buy: Ebay
Makeup Multi-Cream promotes skin radiance and glow with plumped up moisture.

Mix Volume at 1:3 ratio with BB Cream. Use BB/Foundation brush to gather and apply mixture evenly to face. Also applicable as glow highlighter: dispense Volumer onto middle finger and use fingers to mix and apply glow to forehead, cheekbones and nose bridge.

I have hardly been applying make-up for the past few months. I think I went through a stage where I just didn't want to apply on make-up, so therefore this blog has been pretty quiet. Anyway, I bought this product a while back and I first heard this from Oiseau88. I decided to give this product a go since I like the outcome. I also feel I was tricked by the model from the advertisement. I mean who doesn't want glowy skin like her?

I didn't read the direction first, so I used half of this volumer and half foundation. I had to apply a second time because there wasn't enough to cover my face. I used a foundation brush to mix the product together and apply it on my face. This product has a scent to it. It isn't really a nice perfume scent but more of the korean makeup scent (which is hard to explain, maybe like BB Cream?)

                                 Before:                                                              After:

 I used a normal maybelline foundation to go with this product. I didn't want to use BB Cream since I already feel that BB Cream gives the skin a shimmery glow so I used a liquid foundation instead. I would say that my face looks less dull and it does have a glow in certain area such as the cheekbones. There are 3 types to choose from but I went for the transparent #3 since I have quite oily skin and I think this is most suitable for my type of skin. I like how it is not glittery so it doesn't enlarge my pores.

Rating: 8/10
I went through a phase where I love highlighter because it makes your skin have a healthy natural glow and it doesn't look like you have a lot of make-up on. I think this is a reasonable price since the size of the product is quite big so it will be long lasting before I need to buy another one. I am confused with the multi-cream description. Aside from making your skin glow, what other benefits does this product have to the skin?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hi everyone,
I have a job interview today and this is what I wore. This is my first job interview since finishing University. I went for a black blazer, a pencil skirt and a blue shirt.
My make-up is kept neutral with brown eyeshadows.

I really should get this blog back and running since I have a lot of free time on my hand.
I will try and post more often now.
I am currently in the process of losing weight by exercising each day and eating healthy.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!



Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Name: Maxfactor False Lash Effect
Price: £9-£10
Discription: Full lashes, natural look, Waterproof Mascara

 I always need to get waterproof mascara (even though it doesn't really work either for me) but having non-waterproof mascara makes me have panda eyes within like 2 hours while waterproof mascara probably lasts me 5 hours. I always seem to get panda eyes all the time that I start giving up on mascara. I think I need to put like powder or something on my eyelashes to stop them from being so oily.

Before:                                                     After:

I curled my eyelashes in the after picture (I didn't do it very well though) and this product basically does what it says it will do. It makes my eyelashes a bit longer without over exaggerating it and it looks very natural indeed.

I like how the brush is rubber since it is much easier to apply.

Rating: 8/10
It is not waterproof for me but for some reason when I try to remove it with makeup remover it is very hard to get it off completely and I still have a bit of black mascara left on my eyes the next morning. No matter how many times I go through the cotton pad and scrub, it is quite hard to get it completely off especially when you coat a lot on the eye. The best way for me to get rid of it is using waterproof makeup remover which has some sort of oil on it to get rid of the makeup.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Review: L'oreal Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Cream
Price: £2-5
Description:  The 1st StudoLine Smoothing cream enriched with Silk Micro-Fibres especially created for use with straightening irons and hairdryers. Results: Protect and smoothes hair 48 hours non-frizz with glossy shine and soft touch

I love this hair product! I have really long hair and for some reason, as it gets longer my hair gets drier especially at the back underneath my hair and the tips of it. This product is a proper life saver. It makes my hair really soft and the product also smells really nice as well like a fruity sort of smell. 
This product is non-sticky and very easy to use. You just need a little bit of the product (like the size of a nutshell) and put it on your wet hair and you may use more if you have more hair or longer hair. I use two nutshell on each side of my hair since my hair is quite long.

I didn't upload a photo of my hair because I don't think the photos I took did this product any justice at all. But my hair feels really soft after using it. I'm not sure if it did any help in terms of heat protection (I can't really test it out since my hair has a lot of split ends and how are you suppose to test that out?)

I remember I used this product in school and a random guy behind me stroked my hair and said "Omg it's so soft!" 

So yeah this product makes your hair looks really healthy that is is actually irresistible for strangers to stroke your hair.

Rating: 9.5/10
 So, if you have really dry hair than I definitely recommend this product for you. And if you use any sort of heat products like straighteners or curlers than this product is for you as well. Another good thing about this product is that if you have really curly or fizzy hair, it does make it sleeker. I didn't really need to use straighteners and my hair was sleek (but not poker straight). I didn't give it 10/10 because of the product size. They should really make the size bigger so I don't have to keep buying it again and again. I got this product quite cheap in Superdrugs at £2-3 but it is normally about £4-5.
Hi everyone! 
I'm back but I don't know how long I will be here (hopefully I will stay).
I haven't updated this blog for 4/5 months and I am surprised that there is still people viewing this blog and commenting. I assumed it was going to be dead.
I stopped blogging during Dec/Jan due to exams but after the exams and results I felt a little demotivated due to personal reasons but I am back on this blog. I have not even visited this blog myself but I hope to keep it up and going and hope to improve it and make it even better in terms of photo quality and grammar writing (haha).

I decided to put a photo of my cute dog, Happy because he is just so cute!.
I will continue on with my reviews.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Kristy x