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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

 Review: Inglot Freedom Brown and Purple Trio Eyeshadows
Price: £6
 Where to buy: Inglot Store

Another review on inglot eyeshadows. I have had these eyeshadows for a while now but never got a chance to review them. I got this as a present. There are a lot of colours to choose from. I really like Inglot's eyeshadows because they are very pigmented.

On the above picture of my eyes, I put the light shade all over my eyelids, then the middle shade on my eyelids crease and then the dark shade at the outer area of my eyelids.

  • They are pigmented
  • They are long lasting
  • There are many colours to choose from
  • Can be pricey especially when you are making your own set which comes out to £24 for 4 shades (my coastal scent palette is cheaper then that)

Rating: 8/10
I do really like the colour but I think I would just purchase the eyeshadows on rare occasions. These eyeshadows are perfect for professional make-up artist.

Review: Inglot Matte Eyeshadow
Colour: Cream
Price: £4 (RRP £8)
Where to buy: Inglot Store

Hi Everyone!

I have been preparing for Uni and stuff so I have not got a chance to write on my blog everyday (which I did state I would). For some reason, uni life is making me more lazier then working and studying. Anyway, I told myself I would stop purchasing make-up but this one is really good price for Inglot!

This is on sales for £4!  I kind of regret buying this cream white. I wish I got the white glitter instead since I have been obsessed with glittery white eyeshadows. I purchased this to see if I can use it as a 2 in 1 highlighter for my face. I didn't want to use a glittery eyeshadow since it makes my pores look huge or highlighter cause it makes my face oily so I wanted to try something different.

Rating: 8/10
  • Very pigmented with one finger stroke
  • A range of colours to choose from
  • very cheap (was £8 before)
I definitely recommend people trying the Inglot Eyeshadows out!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Top: Yesstyle Black Top (around £10)
Zara White Shorts (Sales around  £8)

A very quick fashion post. This is what I put on today. I think wearing all black really enhances the white shorts. I also really like this black top because it has glittery pattern on the collar and it is V-shaped. I think this top really slims me as well.

That's it for today! Have fun! 


This is a very quick post. I'm just going out to the cinema today with my friend so actually made an effort with my make-up since I have a lot of spare time on my hands just now haha. 
This is my make-up look today. I don't know what to call it though..... Maybe "Trying hard to be Korean Look?" haha.

I used:
 Skinfood Jelly BB Cream
Collection 2000 Gel Eyeliner
Mascara from Maxfactor
Clarins White Eyeliner
Laneige Sliding Pact Powder 
Revlon Lip butter Tutti Frutti

Anyway, hope everyone have a fun time today!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Name: ELF Studio Eyeliner and Shadow Stick
Price: £3.75
Where to buy:
Colour: Grey/Black

I have been really into the smoky eye look, so this is actually a really good gift. The package comes with a shadow and an eyeliner. I really like the shadow as it is very pigmented and easy to apply on your eyes. The black also comes out really well. I like the shape of the liner pen because it is shaped like a pencil. I have used other eyeliner pen that was shaped in a blunt cube edge. This is not long lasting though. I would say it lasted for 3-4 hours.

- 2 in 1 shadow and liner
- easy to apply on
- creates a smoky affect
- product quantity should last a while
- inexpensive

- not long lasting
- lack of shades

Rating: 9/10
I love this product! I want to get the pearl/glow one next. I think this has potential to be big in the store since I don't think other brands have done this concept before.

Monday, 17 September 2012

 Product: Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher
 Price: £7 - £9
Shades: 6
Colour: Apricot

I was really keen on getting this product. The reason for this was because I wanted an orange blusher and this was recommended on their website.

(Applied blusher on the right cheek but not on the left cheek - cannot notice a difference at all)

So I used a brush to apply this on my cheeks and I have to got to say that I was quite disappointed. I had to apply continously before colours actually showed. This product is really natural but it felt like I was putting on nothing. I had to keep applying before a bit of colour actually showed.

Rating: 4/10
I need to find another product that does an orange blusher that is more pigmented. The colour did not show as much as I want to. I guess this is good for maybe a bit of colour on your face.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Review: Clarins Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencil

This is a short review. I'm not really sure how much this all is or when it was bought. I think this belonged to my mum or sister that was hidden in the drawer for a while. Anyway, I really like the eyeliner. They are really good quality. Just one stroke and you can easily see the colour. The eyeliner are very pigmented.  The lipliner isn't as good as the eyeliner. You need to draw it a few times before the colour show.

Rating: 9/10 for Eyeliner and 5/10 Lipliner
This product is really good. I like the Eyeliner as it is very pigmented and easy to use. The texture is very creamy. I think it is buildable as an eyeshadow. I will be using the white shimmer eyeliner a lot. As for the lipliner, there isn't really anything outstanding about it. Just a regular lipliner. The one thing I dislike is the price (one eyeliner from Clarins is £15) but I guess you are paying for the good quality. I don't know when I will buy this again though.

Name: Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals Foundation
Price: £4.99
Description: Silky Mineral Powder with in-built brush
 Where to buy: Boots/Superdrug

"High Precision brush for easy application.
4 in 1 formulation containing foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen.
Contains 100% natural mineral pigments.
Gives a light even effect which lasts all day."

I have oily skin so I generally prefer using mineral foundation (however, mineral foundation can sometimes make my face more oily then liquid foundation because I'm taking oil away from my skin so my skin thinks I need more oil and produces more).

The packaging reminds me of the L'oreal True Match Mineral Foundation but in a slimmer form. The brush is surprisingly better quality then the L'oreal brush. It is softer and it doesn't feel so rough on the skin. However, it isn't a very good applicator so I still recommend using your own kabuki brush.

As you can see the quantity is very small which reminds me of the dust glitter eyeshadows.
                                            Before:                                                       After:

This is light-medium coverage. It isn't very buildable. What I like about this foundation is that it is very natural and it does not make my skin product excess oil. However, it doesn't really cover my blemishes. 

- Good Value for a mineral foundation
- doesn't feel heavy
- does not make skin oily

- small quantity
- not buildable to medium coverage
- not long lasting
- does not cover blemishes

Rating: 5/10
I don't really recommend this foundation unless you have really clear skin and just want a foundation to give you a nice texture on your face. It kind of defeats the purpose of a foundation. It doesn't last long. The brush is not entirely usable and the packaging is quite messy. I would say invest in a better mineral foundation instead of this one.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

 Review: ELF  Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint SPF 8
Price: £3.50
Colour: Rose
Other colours: Natural, Pink Pop, Blush, Guava, Cinnamon, Cherry, Berry
Where to buy:

Hi Everyone!
It has been a while since I have reviewed a make-up product. I have got a few birthday make-up gifts from my good friend so I will be reviewing them all.

This product reminds me of Revlon Lip Butter but even cheaper! There are 8 colours to choose from and all of them are natural pink colours. Surprisingly, I  really love this product. It is very moisturising.

What I like about this product is that the colour shows well. This product is good for what you are paying for. 

  • Inexpensive, reasonable pricing
  • Moisturising
  • Relief dry lips
  • Small quantity,  finishes easily for regular users
  • lack of different colours compare to Revlon (mostly natural pink so there isn't any bold red)
Rating: 9/10
 I am scoring this product quite high. I just love bargain products that turns out to be really good. I would recommend it to everyone especially teenagers who doesn't have much money but wants to find a really good lipstick. This lipstick is perfect for school as well.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Product Name: RMK Skintuner Brightening Light
Price:  £32
Where to Buy: Selfridges & Co

" A brightening moisturizer infused with Rhododendrol, an active whitening ingredient to restrain Melanin formation and to prevent future blemishes and freckles for the bright lucent complexion. Its concentrated moisturizing formula penetrates deep into the Cornified layer and drenches the skin with moisture, replenishing the damages resulted from dehydration and other toxic deterrents. The light fresh Light type soothes the skin with its fruity Bitter Orange scent, and the silky rich Moist type soothes the skin with its fresh Raspberry scent"


Hi Everyone! 
It's been a while since I have reviewed a products. I actually have a lot of products to review and a lot of post ideas (like 30 in Draft) but I have yet to have a chance to write about it and publish it. 

Anyway, back to this product review. This product is so expensive! And it does not match my blog concept (which is to share with you really good cheap products.) The good thing is that it was my sister who paid for this product.
So this product claims to:

- brighten dark areas
- give clear complexion
- hydrates the skin

This product reminds me of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The texture is watery and clear. It feels like water so you just need to pump a little bit.  I think this does moisturise the skin but does it brightening the skin? I think you need to use it for a while before it does. RMK would not call this the "whitening" product in UK even though it as but it calls it the "brightening" product for dark areas and freckle since in UK most people prefer a tan. Also, they actually have a high SPF figure but they had to lower the number because it was not allowed in the UK.

This product is an alternative to the SK-II. So this product is actually very cheap compared to SK-II which is around £70 - 100.
So this product will be perfect for winter when your skin gets quite dry and it may help to brighten your skin but that needs to be constant use of the product before it will occur. I will constantly use this product and provide you an update to see if my face has brighten (in the nose dark area and under eyes).


Sunday, 2 September 2012

H&M Cream Blouse Shirt

Hey, this is another fashion post.  I've been searching for a white blouse and I finally found it in H&M. I really like the texture of the blouse. It is very soft. The sleeves are adjustable. The shirt is quite long. I think you can wear it with shorts and tuck it in or you can leave it out as well. I think you can also wear a belt over it and you can wear it out at night time. I'm wearing a denim skirt with this.
It has been a while since I have posted. This is my second "Different Standard of Beauty". Today I want to discuss about "Dying your hair."
I don't want to stereotype the Western and state that they always want to dye their hair a darker shade because I think, in the end, it depends on the person and what look they go for.
However, for Eastern (well I tend refer to the Asians), if they do dye their hair, they will (obviously) always go for a lighter shade (unless they want their original colour hair back) because we all have black hair. When they do dye their hair, it will be different shades of brown  but others may take it further and go for blonde. There are also purple and dark pink/red colour. Does the hair colour suit them? I think that depends on the person. Some really suit dyed hair but others will look better with their original hair colour.

Personally, I think I look better with dyed hair (like light brown). Most people think I look better with really light brown hair. I've had my hair coloured light brown for a while but I got bored of it so I dyed it dark brown but then it turned out black and then it got a bit lighter but I got bored again of the light brown so I dyed it purple. I actually wanted my hair to be a dark brown or brown hair but it never stays. I don't think I will dye my hair again. I just find it too much of a hassle and the tips of my hair are getting really dry and I have a lot of split ends. I've cut my hair but the split end still seems to exist. I need to restore to healthy hair.
I'm waffling just now. So anyway, I think dying hair is quite fun because it kind of changes your appearance and it is a nice change.

I think for Western, you can dye your hair any colour you want but I think the most popular colours are  black/brown, blonde or red (well this isn't actually very popular, I don't think, but it is an option).

Dying your hair expresses your own personal style and what look you go for. Choosing the right colour is really important but hairstyle is also important. I will write another post relating to different hairstyle.